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Are you tired of your gorgeous skincare products taking up all the room in your bathroom or bedroom? Are you sick of never being able to find your moisturiser before you head to that early morning work staff meeting or can’t find your mascara before that big girl’s night out.Every girl knows that excessive exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on our skin. But you may not realise

2019 is already here and it’s a time for fresh faces and fresh starts. And what better time to switch up your beauty look?So many unexpected beauty trends—from flannel hair to cleansing oils to jade rollers - took took 2018 by storm. But believe it or not, 2019 is going to be jam-packed with even more glitz and glamour. Can you handle it? Well we're already pinning our favourites!The predictions for 2019 makeup trends are in,

Any professional makeup artist or hairstylist worth their salt agrees that good and quality lighting is the best bet when it comes to beauty and hair care.Before heading out to your best friend’s engagement party or leaving the house for work, every woman should consider make up application lighting as a key tool in their make up skill set.Without proper lighting, your makeup will eventually be blotted out by shadows and the

Whether you’re a rising professional make up artist looking to hit the big time in Hollywood or just a successful business woman taking the train to work of a morning, we all want to leave the house looking beautiful, stylish and at our very best.When you’re applying your make up of a morning before work or teasing your hair up into that perfect hair style, it can be very hard to complete