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 You’ve probably fallen on this page because you are considering buying a ring light, but aren’t completely sure about it yet. Well, thankfully, our experienced beauty team are here to help you in understanding the many extensive benefits of a ring light. For the record, ring lights are also known as diva lights, round lights, selfie lights, circle lights and ring camera lights. Keep reading to convince yourself about why you need

By this point, 99% of the population knows what a ring light is. (Okay, that could be a slight exaggeration…) Even if you are yet to see a beloved LED ring light in the flesh, you are bound to have heard about them in conversation with friends or family.Initially, the bright circular lighting tool was a trade secret amongst a few renowned persons in relevant industries. Nowadays, ring lights are being purchased

Our society is filled with many creative and innovative artists. While many of us purchase products and proceed to use them for their standard intended usage, there are various individuals who get a thrill out of finding unique ways to use an item.Imagination runs in some people’s blood.In the case of ring lights, there is now an extensive range of ways that people are making use of the effective lighting tool. Their

There are many looming opinions about skincare fridges. Whilst many makeup bloggers bow down to their skincare fridge, others are more sceptical of their effectiveness. However, much of the criticism originates from beauticians and amateurs who have never even used a beauty fridge in their lives.Truthfully, it is impossible to comment on the functionality and value of a skincare fridge if you have never actually purchased and utilised one in your studio.