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Poor skin health comes in many shapes and sizes: pimples, rashes, discolouration, and lumps. No matter what form your skin issue comes in, it is always unwanted. Bad skin can result in us feeling unconfident, unwanted, pained and flat-out annoyed. Thankfully, there are practical steps that you can enforce in your life to reduce the possibility of a bad skin outburst. Our beauty experts at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique have taken the time

There is much talk about makeup fridges, but very few answers. The internet is scattered with fluffy words and vague descriptions of these compact skincare fridges, and yet it is unbelievably challenging to find a straight answer regarding their necessity.The public are frustrated at the indecisiveness surrounding cosmetic fridges. Once upon a time, online searches used to read like this:What is a skincare fridge? Do I need a skincare fridge? How

Hiring a professional makeup artist can sometimes be an expensive endeavour. Thankfully, it is possible to apply your own makeup, even if for a special event like a wedding or formal.The major piece of advice we have to offer is to plan ahead. Never underestimate the importance of planning.Deciding your makeup style, purchasing your beauty products online, and investigating what cosmetic equipment you require all needs to be completed before the big

Since their invention, skincare fridges have consumed the attention of the beauty industry. Those who are brave enough to purchase a cosmetic fridge will typically rave about their functionality and proceed to strongly recommend them to others. To the people who have already made the cosmetic fridge investment, the product is nothing shy of a no-brainer.On the flip side, some people are yet to make a skincare fridge purchase. They sit on