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Thinking of purchasing a ring light? Here’s what you need to know.

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Thinking of purchasing a ring light? Here’s what you need to know.

By this point, 99% of the population knows what a ring light is. (Okay, that could be a slight exaggeration…) Even if you are yet to see a beloved LED ring light in the flesh, you are bound to have heard about them in conversation with friends or family.

Initially, the bright circular lighting tool was a trade secret amongst a few renowned persons in relevant industries. Nowadays, ring lights are being purchased by hundreds of people across the globe. The cat’s out the bag, peeps!

If you are looking to purchase a quality ring light that is effective and reliable, you could be setting out anything between $100-$500 AUD. Hence, it’s important that you fully understand their purpose before you take the ‘add to cart’ plunge.


Why do you need a ring light?

Ring lights are continually increasing in popularity for a range of different people. The circular LED lights are becoming prominent tools in the beauty, photography, videography and social media industries. As well as being employed professionally in work-based environments, they are also being used frequently by the general public (because why not!).

Ring lights can achieve a range of benefits and help you in many ways, such as:

  • Balancing the diffusion of light on a subject: the round nature of a ring light ensures that light is shone from every direction and capturing all aspects of a central subject.
  • Producing flattering highlights: when pointed towards a human face, ring lights can emphasise, soften and smoothen certain features of the face (including the eyes, cheekbones, forehead and nose)
  • Increasing visibility: as with any form of light, LED ring lights can brighten an area and allow for a more comprehensive view.
  • Creating a halo affect: when positioned on the correct angle, the best ring lights can create a circular halo in the eyes of a subject. It is a particularly flattering affect that can help to brighten and intensify an image.
  • Altering shadows and dark areas: depending on what you want to achieve, ring lights can be shone in particular ways that either increase, decrease or alter the existing shadows in an area.
  • Brightening selfies and videos: the dimness settings on a ring light can soften or sharpen the amount of light presenting itself in photographs and films.
  • Supporting a subject to focus on a camera: when being photographed, some people struggle to focus their eyes on the correct part of the camera. A ring light makes focusing easier because the model simply needs to look into the centre of the ring frame.


The most common types of people that would be likely to use an LED ring light in Australia include:

  • Makeup artists: these professionals need to have great visibility over their clients so that they can apply makeup that is appropriate and flattering. Studio ring lights are far more cost-effective when compared to other studio lighting options, so budding makeup artists tend to favour ring lights over anything else. It also allows the client to easily observe and assess the work being completed on their face with flattering light angles.
  • Beauticians: any type of beautician (including hairdressers, skincare consultants and more) can benefit from having a ring light in their studio. Ring lights permit amplified visibility so that the best possible decisions can be made for each individual skin type and client situation.
  • Models: most modelling professionals carry a portable ring light with them wherever they go. As a model, your career relies on you looking top-notch all the time, so a ring light will assist with looking perfect during any photography opportunities or when makeup needs to be applied.
  • Social media influencers: online personalities need a quality ring light to help them create dynamic visuals of themselves. As all busy digital creators know, a selfie opportunity can arise when you least expect it, so it is a good idea to be prepared and acquire the help of a ring light whenever you need a shot taken on the spur of a moment. The feature that many influencers love most about their ring light is the halo eye effect which adds some shine to their selfies.
  • Photographers: portrait photography is challenging because the subject of the image needs to look both lively and lovely. In the modern day, most photographers carry a ring light with them to shoots to help balance the diffusion of light on a subject and produce flattering highlights on their face.
  • Videographers: similarly to photographs, videos can benefit from perfectly balanced and shared light over a subject or landscape. In circumstances where lighting is dark and shady, a ring light will open up the highlighted area and allow for a brighter frame to shoot in.



10 things to consider before you purchase a ring light.

Although our beauty team loves ring lights and wholeheartedly endorses them, there are a few things you should understand before you purchase your first ever ring light. The following list will help you to understand a few key aspects of ring light functionality, as well as help you to make a purchase that truly suits your needs.


  1. Not all ring lights are made as good as each other.

With the ever-growing popularity of Australian ring lights, many companies are now selling ring lights amongst their other top products. Not every ring light is made with same expertise and care, so we believe it is very important to research your ring light company before you make a purchase. Firstly, it is very important that the company specialises in either photography, videography, modelling or beauty products. It is also vital that they can offer fast ring light delivery, cheap ring light prices and ring light Afterpay options. If you feel that a company is dodgy, it could be best to avoid them before you get delivered an equally dodgy piece of equipment. The best ring light in Australia is the Pro Range 14” LED ring light.

  1. Your ring light will require charging, battery or electricity to function.

Unfortunately, most ring lights can’t just wake up and work with the click of a finger. Depending on what power source the specific ring light works from, you will need to set aside adequate time for charging and upholding battery life in your light. The team at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique recommend a battery operated or chargeable ring light as opposed to a ring light that needs to be plugged in to electricity for use. Cordless ring lights are ultimately more portable and versatile – even though you need to remember to charge them, you may get more use and enjoyment from them.

  1. There’s a range of ring light varieties currently on the market.

Ring lights do not come in one shape or size – there are portable ring lights, selfie ring lights, mini ring lights, studio ring lights, ring lights on a stand, lamp ring lights, and more. As a first time purchaser, you can easily get confused about what style of ring light will suit you best. Generally, the smaller ring light versions are much cheaper than the larger studio options. Therefore, we suggest that you purchase a mini ring light and upgrade to a more sizeable variety in the future if you need. Hobbyists often find that a ring light on a selfie stick is best for them as it provides complete transportability and easy use. Other professionals in the photography or beauty industry might prefer a ring light on a stand because they don’t need to hold the lighting tool up while they work directly with a client.

  1. It’s no surprise that ring light reviews are nearly 100% positive.

When you search for ring light reviews online, you will quickly notice that all commentary and feedback is positive. The invention of ring lights has flipped the beauty and photography industries on their heads, and the public is lapping up the benefits of a multi-use lighting tool. When you are talking about such a revolutionary product, it is no shock that reviews of ring lights are very complimentary.

  1. If you’re not convinced that a ring light is the best beauty tool for you to use, there might be other beauty appliances that suit your needs.

For a simple and small products, ring lights can achieve a heck of a lot. However, some people may find that another appliance is more suitable for their needs at this stage in their life or career. For makeup enthusiasts, as an example, a popular product like a skincare fridge could be an appliance that needs prioritising over a ring light. Rather than assisting with the application and post-application assessment of makeup (like a ring light), beauty makeup fridgesensure that the makeup itself is in ready-to-use form whenever you need it. You can’t apply makeup perfectly if the makeup itself isn’t perfect, after all. You can browse our comprehensive online beauty shop for more tools and goods.

  1. Complex effects require complex fiddling and fidgeting.

Most people will use their ring light the standard way – by shining it straight and perpendicular to the nose of the subject. This creates a flattering impact with well-balanced light and shimmering highlights. However, other artistic and curious people might angle the ring light differently to achieve different results. If you place the ring light on an off-centre angle, for example, you might start to see some unusual shadows and dramatically intensified highlights. The colour and shine in the eyes of your subject might also change. Generally, achieving your desired look just needs some trial and error.

  1. The best ring lights in Australia come with a unique set of features.

The most popular ring lights online have a variety of useful functions that make them easy and enjoyable to use. You should investigate the specific features of every ring light online to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Some of the most loved features on modern-day ring lights include: dimming settings, adjustable stands or sticks, quick charging, ring light carry bag, lightweight parts, adjustable colour temperature, low ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, low heat output, and long service life. Overall, our Pro Range 14” ring light is the hottest product on the market right now.

  1. Ring lights can overwhelm your clients if you aren’t careful.

If you are a professional photographer or makeup artist who sees clients regularly, you need to be aware of the impact your ring light could have on their comfort levels. Even though a ring light seems like a standard studio tool to you, it could feel like a foreign object to your clients. Before turning it on for use, you should explain what it is to your clients and ask if they are happy for it to be turned on. Shining the powerful light directly into their eyes for an entire session might be blinding, so it is best to only turn it on every now and then throughout your time together.

  1. On its own, a ring light can’t take you from amateur to professional.

Ring lights are brilliant (we promise!), but you can’t expect them to take you from a makeup hobbyist to a professional artist. When paired with other popular beauty products and tools, however, they can bring your studio from drab to fab. Other makeup equipment that we recommend when beginning your own studio includes: additional studio lighting, a makeup director’s chair, the best skincare fridge online, and a beauty makeup belt.

  1. You don’t have to pay the Earth for a top-quality professional ring light.

There are plenty of cheap ring lights online that will deliver the results you need. The most popular beauty shops also offer Afterpay on beauty products to help with your purchase. Our picks of the bunch are the Pro Range 14” ring lightand the Selfie Lamp ring light.

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