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The most popular beauty appliances in 2020


The most popular beauty appliances in 2020

2020 marked the start of a new year and a new decade. We are already months into the calendar year, and there are a variety of new beauty products stealing the hearts of Australians. Trends and fashions in the cosmetic industry are continuously evolving, and it is getting more and more challenging to keep up… but that’s what we are here for.

The team at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique are firm believers that anybody can make use of quality beauty appliances. No matter if you are a hobbyist beauty queen or a professional artist making a living, there are a range of products to suit your particular interests and ensure that makeup application is an enjoyable experience for you.

In this blog article, we are going to discuss the most popular beauty products in Australia currently. Firstly, we will outline the hottest items for professional makeup artists, then we will discuss the best products for amateur makeup artists, and finally we will mention the top goods for influencers and photographers. If you are feeling inspired, all of the products mentioned in this list can be purchased through our trusted digital store.


Top beauty products for professional makeup artists.

  1. Makeup studio lighting.

Without proper lighting in your studio, there is no way that you will be able to apply perfect makeup. Indoors environments are always subject to varying degrees of light, and your client will often get shadows or highlights on their face due to the angle of your windows or type of fluorescents used in the ceiling. The solution for poor light diffusion is comprehensive studio lights. Our picks of the bunch are the beloved Beauty Studio Pro Lighting pack and the Beauty Twin LED Lights. With either of these light packages in your studio, you shouldn’t have any troubles with effective lighting.

  1. Skincare fridge.

Beauty fridges and skincare fridges allow for all of your makeup products to remain fresh after first being opened. They are mainly used for items such as foundation, liquid eye products, creams and moisturisers. Many artists agree that a cosmetic fridge is an investment, rather than a cost, because it extends the longevity of your products. Instead of getting half way through a bottle and finding that your product has turned clumpy or gluey, your creams and serums will remain in their original, easily spreadable state. As well as reducing lumpiness in your products, the climate control of a cosmetic fridge stops bacteria from growing. As a result, all of your beloved products will stay clean and hygienic, meaning there will be no whinges as you apply them to your client’s face and skin.

  1. Fashionable makeup travel case.

If you visit clients at their home, rather than in your own studio, a stylish makeup bag is essential. As a beauty professional, you always need to appear trendy to your clients, and therefore your makeup case needs to look top-notch too. If you are looking for an affordable makeup bag, you might like to consider our multi-component makeup travel bag. Alternatively, you may prefer to spend a little more money for a convenient makeup travel case on wheels or our popular pink makeup travel bag.

  1. Makeup brush belt.

To look the real deal and stay organised in front of clients, the best makeup professionals often have a makeup belt that keeps their brushes and tools handy on the job. Just like a tradesman wears a tool belt, makeup artists should wear a brush belt to enable easy access to items as they attend to a client. Our popular leather beauty belt is light weight and comes with a zipper for easy use, making it a perfect addition to your makeup studio.


Top beauty products for amateur makeup artists.

  1. Ring lights.

Ring lights are a circular shaped LED light with a gap in the centre. As someone who is self-applying their own makeup, you could benefit from a ring light to assist with seeing your own work better. Ring lights are renowned for: reducing and removing shadows, balancing the diffusion of light on a subject and providing flattering lighting. There is no denying that the best ring lights in Australia can allow you to see yourself better, and therefore do a better job of makeup application.

  1. Makeup fridge.

If you are searching for a cheap cosmetics fridge, it may be necessary to look for a smaller option. The Compact Skincare Fridge has a capacity of 4 litres and is one of the cheapest skincare fridges in Australia. At a height of 25cm, it still provides enough space to hold a number of products within it. The frost-free design and mechanical timer control ensures that your products are kept in optimal condition. Another low-budget skincare fridge option is the Beauty Skincare Fridge. This best seller is at a similar size and price point to the compact fridge, but boasts a stainless steel panel design. Because of its cute design and high functionality, it is one of the most popular makeup fridges in Australia right now. When budgets are allowing, some beauticians opt for the Cosmetic Fridge Pro. This larger and more powerful 7 litre cold storage refrigerator can hold a wide range of products and is more suitable for professional makeup artists with a sizeable clientele.

  1. Vanity mirror.

A quality vanity mirror can help you properly see where your makeup has been applied and what may require fixing. When choosing a mirror, you will be able to select from a wide variety of types, including: mirrors with LED lighting, mirrors with a touch screen, portable folding mirrors, and magnifying mirrors. Mirrors are a vital tool in your beauty routine so you might find that over time, you end up acquiring an entire collection of versatile mirrors. For starters, however, we recommend investigating the best mirrors with LED lighting, as this can potentially combine your need for a light and need for a mirror into one simple product.

  1. Skin healing products.

If you are somebody who doesn’t work full-time in the beauty industry, it can be difficult to remember to look after your skin. With everything else going on in your life, a night-time beauty routine could be the least of your worries. Though, it is important that you take some time out for skincare maintenance. Two products that our team highly recommends for speeding up your beauty care process are the Facial Cleansing Device and Facial Roller. Both of these cheap makeup items are renowned for removing skin impurities, improve circulation and enhancing skin texture and glow.


Top beauty products for influencers and personalities (or wanna-bes!)

  1. Ring lights.

Circle lights and ring lights are one of the most popular products for YouTubers, famous Instagrammers and social media influencers. Why? Because the flattering brightness produced from a ring light helps you to look dramatically better in both videos and photographs! They also provide a lovely shine on your key facial features and they are sometimes known for emitting a glamorous halo effect in the eye of the person using the ring light. As ring light suppliers, we know that majority of all ring light purchases will be made by people within two industries: the beauty industry or the content creation industry. The most common way to use a ring light is by placing it directly in front of the subject, approximately one or two metres away. Depending on the unique brightness of the room that the subject is in, ring light users may want to dim their ring light so that the output is neither overbearing nor too dark. The ring light is typically placed at the same height as the subject’s face. Almost all vloggers, bloggers and beauticians agree that this is the best position for achieving optimal light effectiveness.

  1. Makeup travel bag.

Influencers are constantly on the go. If you travel often for work, then it is very important to have a compact bag purely for carrying makeup and beauty items. Storing your beauty products in a bag will not only keep them safe and secure, but it will ensure they are constantly ready to be transported and they will be neatly organised for your usage. There are multiple travel bag solutions in our store:  the multi-component makeup travel bag, the makeup travel case on wheels, and the standard makeup travel bag.

  1. Compact cosmetic fridge.

An influencer cannot afford to have an acne outbreak caused by dirty makeup. Internet celebrities need to look ace, all the time. Thankfully, skincare fridges stop bacteria from developing on your makeup lotions – the cold fridge temperatures effectively destroy any chances for germs to grow. If hygiene is something you are concerned about as a social media influencer, then a skincare fridge is a simple and cost-effective solution that will ensure the makeup you apply to your face is always clean. It also means that your products will last longer, and will never need to be thrown away due to a disgusting build-up of mould.

  1. Selfie ring light lamp.

We have already mentioned the importance of a ring light, but if you are somebody who takes photographs and videos frequently, you should also have a selfie ring light. The popular selfie lamp ring light is one of the most popular types of lighting available. The highly advanced lighting solution is extremely transportable due to its size, so it can be kept in your handbag and used whenever you want to take a selfie on the go. The LED light powering the device has three different types of brightness, and nine levels of intensity. Considering its cheap price, this is one product you cannot look past.


How can you tell if a beauty brand is reliable?

Deciding what products you want to purchase is one thing, but deciding what company to purchase them from is another. In the current era, most beauty enthusiasts are opting to purchasing their cosmetic appliances online. Rather than physically meandering through shops, consumers can now easily uncover all products at their disposal with the click of a few buttons. Just like you, we love the simplicity of online shopping, and that is why we developed Cosmetic Beauty Boutique to make your purchasing journey as simple as possible.

The best online beauty stores will offer a range of beauty equipment, including: vanity mirrors, skincare fridges, ring lights, makeup chairs, studio lights, and the other products mentioned earlier in this article. They will also have a number of customer-friendly options to help with your purchase, such as AfterPay and fast delivery.

However, not all online cosmetic stores are trustworthy and genuine. There are certain beauty stores that you should always steer clear of. Some of the warning signs that you are dealing with a dodgy beauty brand include:

  • Their website is unprofessional or outdated. This could indicate that the products of the business will be tacky too.
  • Delivery for their products is lengthy. This could indicate that the business is having to source their items from an external provider, rather than having them in-house and ready to go.
  • The business is located offshore. If you are based in Australia, it is best to purchase your beauty products from a similarly Australian-based cosmetic store.
  • There is no customer service available. If you can’t contact real people through email, chat or phone, then who the heck is running the business?
  • Their payment gateway doesn’t look quite right when you go to purchase your cart. An unfamiliar payment gateway could be an indicator that the company is trying to scam you.

Cosmetic Beauty Boutique is an Australian cosmetic brand, selling a variety of beauty appliances and products through our digital beauty shop. We specialise in top-quality, reliable products that provide a positive impact for customers. All of our happy customers experience fast makeup delivery, cheap skincare fridge prices, order tracking, and Afterpay for all beauty products.

Take some time to browse through our digital shop today and uncover what products could benefit you.

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