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13 ways to improve your overall skin health


13 ways to improve your overall skin health

Poor skin health comes in many shapes and sizes: pimples, rashes, discolouration, and lumps. No matter what form your skin issue comes in, it is always unwanted. Bad skin can result in us feeling unconfident, unwanted, pained and flat-out annoyed. Thankfully, there are practical steps that you can enforce in your life to reduce the possibility of a bad skin outburst. Our beauty experts at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique have taken the time to outline 13 simple measures you can take to stop an unfortunate skin condition from arising. Say hello to perfectly smooth and appealing skin every day from now.

1. Do not over-clean your face.

The advice from many amateur beauty hobbyists is that you should clean, clean, clean your face at every opportunity. They often recommend washing and cleansing your face three or more times a day. Not only is that incredibly time-consuming and inconveniencing, but it can also actually have a negative impact on the health of your skin. We recommend gently and carefully cleaning your face only once per day, preferably at night time. Going overboard is not always the best option.

2. Get a skincare fridge to store your foundations and creams.

A skincare fridge is arguably the most effective way to stop outbreaks on your skin. Scientifically, makeup fridges make complete sense. This is because bacteria and germs typically grow on surfaces and in conditions that are hot and humid. If you leave your makeup products and lotions in your home, they will be subject to the varying conditions of your house. If the air-con is turned off on a hot day, the makeup products will become warm and attract growing molecules of bacteria. Even creams and items that are well-covered may be subject to germ development. When you eventually apply the makeup to your face, the bacteria will be rubbed into your skin where it can then begin to develop rashes and acne.

The only solution for keeping your makeup at a decent temperature is investing in a popular skincare fridge. By placing your creams, lotions, foundations and other makeup items in the beauty fridge, you will ensure that they are cool at all times and therefore unable to grow bacteria on them. The makeup will no longer have a dirtying affect to your face. If you are searching for the best skincare fridges, Cosmetic Beauty Boutique have a variety of options to suit your needs. Currently, the retro skincare fridge and standard beauty skincare fridge are two of the most popular makeup fridge items.

3. Buy a beauty belt to hold your brushes and tools.

During the process of makeup application, you will need somewhere to rest your makeup brushes. Without any other storage option available, most people resort to leaving their brushes on the bench in front of them. Sadly, this is a huge mistake for all beauticians. Brushes should never be rested on a bench, as this is a place where germs and bacteria are likely to settle and grow. If the brush catches the germs, they will then be transferred onto your skin once you start to use the brush. A build-up of bacteria on your face will ultimately result in blocked pores. Unfortunately, blocked pores then result in serious pimples and acne. Regardless of whether you are a professional makeup artist or an amateur beautician, you should purchase a beauty belt which can hold your brushes and other makeup tools while you aren’t actively using them. Most makeup belts, like the Beauty Belt Pro, are affordable and easy-to-use, so they make a great addition to your studio.

4. Invest in some quality makeup studio lighting.

By adequately lighting your bathroom, bedroom or studio, you are ensuring that you have the best possible conditions for cleaning your face, applying makeup, and taking photographs. Smart angling of lighting can allow you to cover up the acne or rashes on your skin, or you can alternatively use the lights to highlight those areas. The best makeup studio lights in Australia right now are the Beauty Studio Pro set of lights. Although, there is also a more compact and affordable version available named the Beauty Studio Mini.

5. Purchase a ring light to use during makeup application.

Beauty ring lights are a vital piece of equipment for all makeup professionals and hobbyists. Their ability to thoroughly light up a subject’s face means they provide optimal visibility when you are cleaning your skin or applying makeup. The unique angle and strength of ring lights is what sets them apart from other traditional forms of lighting. Ring lights can also be utilised when taking photographs or videos if you are wanting to hide the problematic areas of your skin. On the Cosmetic Beauty Boutique store, hundreds of ring lights are being purchased worldwide every week. Of the extensive range, the best ring lights are the large 18 inch LED ring light and the selfie stick LED ring light.

6. Keep your makeup brushes clean.

Keeping your brushes clean is a no-brainer. The best beauty experts all recommend washing and drying your brushes after every use. It may seem like a draining task, but it is known to have a positive impact on skin health. By maintaining clean brushes, you are stopping the spread of bacteria on your face and ensuring that only fresh makeup is being applied to the skin.

7. Identify the specific chemicals that give you a reaction.

Everybody has a different skin type, so different things will put their skin into a frenzy. It can be challenging to uncover what exact cream or product is setting your skin off, particularly if you tend to use multiple products in one day. However, it is important to find out what product, or chemical within a product, is causing you to have a massive outbreak. For some people, they may be allergic or triggered by super oily products like sunscreen. Other people may get rashes or reactions from dry products like exfoliators. For other people, it could be something entirely different. You may benefit from making a diary and recording the condition of your skin and what products you are using on your face. If there is correlation between a specific product and your skin being in a poor state, you need to remove the item from your skincare routine completely.

Unfortunately, some people will realise that it is something more complex causing their skin pain. In some cases, it could be certain clothing materials that trigger their complexion. For others, it could be hormonal changes or alterations in the outside temperature. While logging your diary, it is important to keep these other factors in mind.

8. Keep a large stock of beauty cleaning tools.

Smart beauty tools are the answer for keeping your skin in check. Two of our most popular facial tools include our facial cleansing device and our facial roller. The facial cleansing device prevents bacteria build-up to keep the skin fresh and clean. By employing the device on your cheeks, nose and forehead, you can effectively remove skin impurities and improve overall texture and glow. Our customers particularly love this device because of its wireless charge capability and waterproof design. Similarly, facial rollers are a tool that should be added to your daily cleaning routine. Gently rolling the facial roller across your features will minimise puffiness, promote circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage and water retention, make the skin firmer, and improve skin elasticity. The facial roller available on our online beauty store is designed as a double roller, meaning it can reach both large and delicate areas of the face.

9. Buy a makeup travel case, and actually use it.

You should never, ever, ever dump your makeup products into your handbag. Handbags and other carry bags are usually full of miscellaneous items that carry germs and bacteria. If you place your makeup products into clustered and dirty handbags, the bacteria will transfer onto those products that you place on your skin. It is a definite way to give your face an outburst of angry acne. Our solution to the problem is buying a makeup travel case that can securely and hygienically store your makeup goods while you are on to go.

Makeup travel bags and beauty cases come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Our popular multi-compartment makeup bag is ideal for organising your items and keeping different types of products apart from one another.  Though, some professional makeup artists whom have a large amount of products to carry will require a beauty bag on wheels. Our classic makeup travel case has everything you need, including drawers, a lockable compartment and a fashionable exterior.

10. Sleep in a temperature controlled environment.

If you run a ceiling fan or portable fan throughout the night, you may find that your skin is incredibly dry when you wake up in the morning. This is because the air flow can exhaust the moisture in your skin. Very dry skin can end up cracking easily, particularly on your lips. In addition to giving you dry skin, keeping a fan on all night long might encourage dirt and dust to be continually circulated in the air. Eventually, the dirt and dust will fall and land on your face. As we all know, dirt and dust can cause extreme acne outbreaks when it gets into the pores of the skin.

On the flip side, sleeping in a bedroom that is too hot and has no air flow will probably cause you to sweat throughout the night. Although sweating is natural, it can sometimes make the face oily and gritty. If you do not wipe the sweat from your face quickly (which you probably won’t if you are busy snoozing), it can block your pores and encourage pimples to grow.

11. Use a quality makeup mirror to identify problem areas.

When you can’t properly see the problem areas on your face, you won’t be able to effectively treat them. By investing in a reliable mirror, you can ensure that every pimple or rash in every nook and cranny will be spotted. More specifically, we recommend purchasing mirrors that can: expand out to a larger size, have magnifying capability to zoom in on certain spots, and have in-built lighting functionality so they can be used in any environment.

On our online beauty shop, we have a range of popular makeup mirrors that are used by professional beauticians around the world. Our 22 inch LED touch screen mirror is one of the most purchased items in our collection. However, a slightly cheaper mirror option is the 3 fold vanity mirror, which is very portable. Other people will prefer the simplicity and sleekness of our LED desktop mirror, which has in-built touchscreen functions.

12. Visit your doctor on a regular basis.

If you spend a reasonable amount of time in sun exposure, you should regularly see a doctor to check for skin cancers or potentially problematic areas. Especially if you have light or fair skin, you are at high risk of sun damage to your skin. Your doctor can thoroughly analyse your skin using appropriate medical tools in a private appointment room. Skin assessments are non-intrusive and the treatment options offered by your doctor will vary depending on the severity of your situation. It is important to see a medical practitioner sooner rather than later if you notice any unusual spots or lumps on your skin.

13. Cover up in the sun.

Further to the previous point, you should always limit the amount of time you are in direct sunlight. The UV rays emitted from the sun are extremely dangerous to your skin and can result in serious problems. Plus, it goes without mentioning that all forms of sunburn are frustrating and unattractive. When you go outside, do as the experts say: slip, slop, slap, seek and slide. Don’t get fried!

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