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How important are makeup fridges, really?


How important are makeup fridges, really?

There is much talk about makeup fridges, but very few answers. The internet is scattered with fluffy words and vague descriptions of these compact skincare fridges, and yet it is unbelievably challenging to find a straight answer regarding their necessity.

The public are frustrated at the indecisiveness surrounding cosmetic fridges. Once upon a time, online searches used to read like this:

  • What is a skincare fridge?
  • Do I need a skincare fridge?
  • How important are skincare fridges?

However, the ongoing confusion and indecision has turned the public’s searches into this:

  • What the flippin’ heck is a skincare fridge?
  • Just tell me – do I actually seriously really truly need a skincare fridge?
  • Quit mucking around! Are these cooling machines actually important for my life!?

If you have found yourself typing anything like the above (plus or minus some more curse words), then you should be thankful that you have found this article.

Our team here at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique are beauty experts. Not only have we spent years in the makeup and cosmetic industry, but we are makeup enthusiasts on a personal level. We keep up-to-date with all of the latest beauty trends, and have a thorough understanding of the latest products and fashions floating through the beauty world.

Most importantly, the Cosmetic Beauty Boutique team are brutally honest. We would never recommend something that we do not truly believe in, and we tell things exactly how they are.

That is why we are not going to hold you in suspense any longer. We are bursting at the seams to spit out the truth. If you are in agony over the skincare fridge debate, here is a solid answer to satisfy your query.

How important are makeup fridges really? VERY.

There. We have said it. Our strong opinion is that makeup fridges have a critical need within the cosmetic industry. Regardless of whether you are a makeup artist, beautician, cosmetics worker, blogger, influencer, YouTuber or Instagrammer, a makeup fridge is the key item that will have a hugely positive impact on your business functionality. It is essentially the most important beauty product currently available on the market.

If that positive answer was all you were looking for, you can now proceed to shop for makeup fridges online. However, if you need a little more convincing and explanation, keep on reading. Now that we have come out with the brutal truth, we can begin to detail the precise reasons a skincare fridge can add value to your life.


What will a makeup fridge do for me?

Don’t judge us for bowing down to skincare fridges. They are nothing shy of incredible. After purchasing a makeup fridge, cosmetic professionals from around the world have experienced the long list of benefits associate with their use. There is no denying that this simple product is a life-changer. Skincare fridge reviews online will attest to the fact that skincare fridges can provide the following benefits.

Keep your products at a ready-to-apply temperature.

The best makeup artists across the world all know that makeup is best applied when it is slightly below room temperature. Warm makeup products will too runny for application and will eventually drip off your face. Alternatively, they might irritate your skin and cause red blotches. The only way to sustain your makeup at the perfect application temperature at all times is by having a popular skincare fridge. With this innovative piece of equipment, you can literally take the product from the chilled fridge moments before you apply it to your face.

Allow your makeup products to last for longer.

When makeup is left out in hot conditions, it can sweat dramatically and change in consistency. Once it eventually cools back down, it might become gluggy or watery. By keeping your products in a consistently cool destination, their shelf-life will vastly improve. This is the number one reason why skincare fridges are being bought by thousands of beauticians in Australia and across the globe. Some makeup artists have estimated that after using a skincare fridge, their products lasted twice as long. Win-win!

Cool your lotions which will, in turn, cool and soothe your skin.

Cold lotions are soothing for the skin and can reduce puffiness and blotchy colouring. By using an effective makeup fridge, you will have consistently cool products that alleviate any troubles your face is suffering through. Makeup fridges are appropriate for holding: liquid foundations, perfumes, liquid creams, lipstick and lip gloss, face masks, skin/face creams, moisturisers, liquid lotions, anything that contains vitamins, anything that contains Retinol, and anything that contains Benzoyl Peroxide.

Stop bacteria and germs from spreading and developing on your makeup.

Makeup is subject to all sorts of bacteria-ridden places. Whether you like to admit it or not, your face and your studio is utterly contaminated with germs. It is just like any other place in the world – abundant with microbes. Just like your science teacher once told you, bacteria has the greatest change of growing and developing when it is in warm climates. If your makeup is left out in warm conditions, it can easily breed bacteria. When eventually applied to your face, it has a high chance of creating pimples and acne. Yuck. Gross. Eww.

Luckily, cooler temperatures can actually stop bacteria from growing. When your cosmetic products are kept in a refrigerator, not only are they kept away from the floating germs in the atmosphere, but any bacteria that has already landed on them will be weakened. As a result, your refrigerated products will have longer life spans and be much safer for you to use.

Organise your products in a neat and compact manner.

Regardless of whether you are a fully-fledged beautician, or someone who just plays with makeup as a pastime, you are bound to have experienced the disarray of a messy makeup drawer. The best skincare fridges can encourage you to neatly store your products and ultimately save time when applying makeup. When choosing a skincare fridge, keep in mind that fridges with shelves will permit you to get maximum usage of the fridge space. We recommend having your most used products at the front of the fridge for easy access.

Having an orderly system for makeup organisation will also help you to feel more relaxed when you are applying makeup. As the saying goes, a messy house represents a messy life. Therefore, keeping your products organised and presentable is crucial for remaining relaxed. A chill fridge equals a chill you!

Add flair and professionalism to your studio.

Small makeup fridges can be cute additions to your bedroom or studio. Their petite size and varying colours can allow them to be a stylish décor feature in your makeup space. Additionally, as mentioned before, makeup fridges help to store and organise your products which can allow your entire studio to appear cleaner.

Free up your food fridges for their actual purpose: storing food.

Those of you who do not yet have a makeup fridge are probably keeping some of your items in your main home refrigerator. Storing your makeup in close proximity to food is risky because germs can easily spread from one to the other. By purchasing a makeup fridge online, you will permit more space in your food fridge and keep your precious makeup goods safely separate.


Makeup enthusiasts and influencers: What is holding you back?

As an influencer, blogger, makeup artist or professional beautician, makeup is a huge factor driving your career success. Not only do you probably apply makeup every day, but you are required to have extensive knowledge around the latest trends.

Any professional who relies on their appearance for part of their success should regularly evaluate their cosmetic processes and identify where improvements could be made to their makeup routine. Just like you regularly evaluate your business and career direction, it is vital that you analyse whether your beauty procedures are up to standard.

When you consider what is potentially holding you back in regards to beauty, it is likely that a popular cosmetic fridge online will be the answer to your problems. The best makeup artists from across the globe are currently expressing their positive opinions on makeup fridges. Almost every cosmetic vlogger or influencer uses a skincare fridge to keep their products safe. With their positive commentary, it is blatantly obvious that these mini fridges are a must-have item. If you want to keep up with the latest trends hitting the industry, you need to make a skincare fridge purchase.

Skincare fridges are in high demand across the globe. It is vital that you choose to purchase fridges that are reliable, effective and practical for your intended usage. The best skincare fridges in Australia are available right here in our online skincare fridge store. We are confident that our beauty fridges exceed all others in the Australian market in terms of value and trustworthiness.


But, what type of skincare fridge is best for me?

Once you finally accept that a skincare fridge is needed in your life, your next decision will be deciding what fridge is best for you. Truthfully, the company that you purchase the skincare fridge from is more important than the actual skincare fridge you decide to buy.

A quality beauty company will always deliver a reliable appliance, whereas a poor company can never be trusted to send you anything valuable. At Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, we pride ourselves on long-lasting, simple and effective products that will offer genuine value for money. Some of the questions you might like to consider before purchasing your skincare fridge include:

  • Do you have a budget that needs to be adhered to?
  • Is there a specific colour that will suit the rest of your studio aesthetic?
  • How large does the fridge need to be in order to store all of your products?
  • Will you require a fridge that gives you the ability to manually alter the temperature?
  • What type of power point will you be charging the fridge from?
  • Can the cosmetic fridge be delivered fast?

If financial restrictions are an issue for you, you may want to purchase a skincare fridge with Afterpay. Cosmetic Beauty Boutique offers Afterpay for makeup products and beauty appliances, so you can easily purchase your item now and pay later.

Some of the most popular skincare fridges in Australia include the Beauty Skincare Fridge and Retro Skincare Fridge. Before purchasing any cosmetic fridges, you should read skincare fridge reviews to understand whether they are an appropriate purchase for you and your unique needs.


Other products that might give you a boost.

In order to extend the life of your products, stop bacteria from growing, keep your makeup organised, and get the most from each individual product, investing in a skincare fridge is necessary. Particularly for makeup artists who live in warm or unpredictable climates, having a skincare fridge is important to ensure that your lotions and creams are not getting damaged by the outdoor temperature.

If you are searching for a different career kicker (aka. a little something to spice up your studio), there are other products you might consider purchasing in addition to a mini cosmetic fridge. The best cosmetic products online currently include:

Our online skincare fridge store offers a range of appliances that are unparalleled to any others on the market. Our ground-breaking products excel in value, and we have thousands of satisfied customers to prove that.

Because we appreciate each and every one of our customers, we also offer quick shipment and fast delivery of all products. It is important to us that you can get hold of your new skincare fridge as soon as possible and report back to us on how much benefit it is providing you.

If you would like more information on beauty products to assist your needs, you can contact our sales team and browse our online beauty shop.

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