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13 tips for DIY special events makeup


13 tips for DIY special events makeup

Hiring a professional makeup artist can sometimes be an expensive endeavour. Thankfully, it is possible to apply your own makeup, even if for a special event like a wedding or formal.

The major piece of advice we have to offer is to plan ahead. Never underestimate the importance of planning.

Deciding your makeup style, purchasing your beauty products online, and investigating what cosmetic equipment you require all needs to be completed before the big day. To reduce stress, you must be organised ahead of time.

As a popular online cosmetic store in Australia, we hear of many women hastily purchasing last-minute makeup products online before their important occasion. We know exactly what you do and don’t need, and all of the things you need to consider before your self-makeup venture.

Below is a comprehensive list of tips to help every girl plan their DIY makeup in the lead up to their special event.

  1. Make an effort to match your outfit.

The golden rule for seamless makeup application is to ensure the colours on your face compliment your event outfit. Although you do not necessarily need to match the exact colours of your dress, it is important to employ colours from the same palette to commend one another. Strategically choosing your lip and eyeshadow colour will allow for optimal consistency in your appearance.

  1. Ensure your home studio is equipped with professional beauty equipment.

Certain beauty products and equipment are vital for DIY makeup application. Namely, you should be looking into sufficient lighting, seating and organising tools. In regards to lighting, many makeup amateurs are investing in quality ring lights to professionally light their face for makeup application. Ring lights eliminate shadows and boldly highlight the importance features of a face.

Another popular cosmetic product right now is a makeup skincare fridge. Not only will a beauty fridge assist with the storage of your makeup products, but it will keep your lotions hygienic and fresh. You can purchase skincare fridges online for reasonable prices. Additionally, most home artists will have a beauty studio chair that positions you in a suitable and comfortable position for makeup application.

  1. Use a photographically suited foundation.

Foundation is typically referred to as the most influential product involved with makeup application. Not only should your foundation perfectly match your skin colour (be sure to pre-plan if you will be wearing a fake tan), but it must appear flatteringly in photographs. People with oily skin should choose drier foundations to avoid photographical shine, whereas people with dry skin may need a wetter foundation to add liveliness and character.

  1. Think about your event environment.

You would not wear a thick coat on a hot Summer day. Similarly, you should not apply makeup that is not appropriate for the weather or environment. If your formal or wedding is outside, you may need to apply SPF lotion underneath your other makeup. If there will be special lighting effects at the event, you might enjoy wearing a glittery eyeshadow or highlighter that shines favourably in lights.

  1. Do not go overboard with contouring.

Attending important events means preparing for an abundance of photographs. Dark or over-the-top contouring can sometimes appear unnatural when flash photography is used. Although highlighting your flattering features is important, you should not accidentally go too extreme.

  1. Allow the makeup mirror to be your best friend.

When self-applying your own makeup, having a quality mirror is vital. The reflective makeup mirror will essentially act as your e It is certainly worth investing in a reliable mirror. Without a beauty-specific mirror, you will not truly know how your makeup appears to the naked eye. We suggest the an LED touch screen mirror or large folding mirror to enable the best makeup application possible.

  1. Blend beyond the chin.

Unless you are wearing a super-conservative outfit, it is likely that part of your neck and chest will be on show during your special event. Therefore, you need to blend your makeup beyond your chin and all the way down your neck. A contrasting chin and chest can result in a ghastly ghostly look. In order to keep your brushes clean and ready for blending, you should use a brush cleaner. Cheap silicone brush cleaners are available online with quick delivery.

  1. Seriously consider your lip colour.

Your lip colour can make or break your entire facial appearance. If the lips are too light, you could look washed out. If the lips are too dark, you could look demonic. Test a variety of lipsticks and glosses to analyse what will suit you best.

  1. Use a setting spray.

Particularly on warm weather days, a setting spray is crucial for keeping your makeup stuck to your face rather than drooping down your cheeks. When applying makeup for a special event, you will probably begin the application process early in the day. Hence, a setting spray will assist with durability up until, and throughout, the actual event.

  1. Allow additional time.

You never know what could go wrong in the lead-up to your event. By preparing ahead of time, you will reduce the likelihood of a chaotic makeup morning. Using a beauty case or beauty belt can assist with the organisation of your products. Other online beauty products can also be useful for planning and executing your makeup. Always start your beauty application early to leave ample room for mistakes and accidents.

  1. Consider modern makeup techniques and styles.

To be certain that your makeup is on-trend with contemporary styles, it is beneficial to spend some time reading and watching professional makeup bloggers. One of the current most popular looks is a natural face with light contouring, nude lipstick and large eyelashes. This style often highlights the eyes and presents an organic feel.

Most girls want a makeup style that is different from their day-to-day norm, but they fear trying something new and being unable to pull it off. We recommend practicing your makeup in the days leading up to the event so you can thoroughly understand what you do and don’t like. It will also give you confidence going into the big day.

  1. Use primer to cover acne.

It is possible that you will experience some stress and anxiety the night before your big event. Because of this, you may experience some last-minute pimples appearing on your cheeks and forehead. Be prepared for stress acne with good quality, popular makeup products, such as a primer. Face cleansing products, such as facial rollers, can also help with reducing pimples. Face rollers can: minimise puffiness, promote circulation, assist water retention, and improve skin strength.

  1. Bring your makeup products in your clutch.

All of the best makeup professionals know that bringing pocket-sized versions of your lipstick and foundation is vital when attending events. With these cosmetic products handy, you will be able to touch up your appearance throughout the night, including after consuming food or drink. When packing your handbag for the event, you may also benefit from including a small ring light with your other items. A ring light with selfie stick will allow you to take quick happy snaps with other guests during the night and show off your flattering makeup.

Is it worthwhile getting a professional makeup artist for your formal?

In Australia, we usually call it a formal. In other parts of the world, it is typically referred to as a prom. Regardless of what you name it, these high school events will be one of the most memorable moments in your adolescent life. A school formal is the first real opportunity to get frocked up and enjoy a sophisticated night out.

Everybody remembers the night of their high school formal, and most people have images to reminisce on. Even elderly Australian couples can often bring out photo albums with shots taken at their big formal event. The memories from your formal night will last a lifetime, and you and your high school friends will bond over them forevermore.

When asked about the most important aspect of planning for their formal, almost every girl will answer with the dress. Whilst many girls are quick to think about the outfit they may wear to the formal, things like makeup are sometimes put on the back-burner until closer to the event. Arguably, makeup is the most important aspect of your formal night, as it will provide you with the most confident and self-assurance going into the event. Therefore, it is something that you should be planning and preparing in the lead up to the night.

Instead of focusing on a dress, it is vital that you consider how your hair, nails and makeup will enhance your visual appeal on the night.  Doing your own makeup for your formal can:

  • Save money on service/labour fees.
  • Save time travelling to a makeup artist.
  • Give you ultimate control over your appearance.
  • Allow you to incorporate your own style into your makeup design.
  • Enhance your beauty skills.

Can a skincare fridge help with DIY makeup application?

Regardless of whether you are self-applying makeup for a high school formal, an important birthday party, or your very own wedding, a skincare fridge is one particular piece of equipment that may become useful for you. Any online skincare fridge review will attest to the fact that popular makeup fridges are effective for:

  • Cooling your skincare products, which results in them being soothing for your skin.
  • Keeping your products bacteria-free, so that you obtain less acne and skin-irritation.
  • Allowing your products to last longer and be used for many events in the future.
  • Saving you money, because you can confidently self-apply your own makeup.

At Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, we pride ourselves on selling the best cosmetic fridges in Australia. You can purchase our cheap skincare fridges online with Afterpay, and we also offer fast delivery makeup fridges. Our retro skincare fridge is one of the most popular beauty fridges online.

Ultimately, as long as you have quality beauty products and makeup equipment from a reputable online beauty store, you should have no troubles with self-application.

Checklist for your DIY makeup.

Presumably, if you are still reading, you have now made the decision to complete your own makeup for your special event. Congratulations!

There is no need to panic about a DIY makeup undertaking. Thousands of women across Australia are opting to self-apply their makeup for some events in order to save money and gain more control over their appearance.

To give you the greatest chance of success, you need to ensure that you buy all of the necessary products and beauty items online through a popular digital beauty shop. At Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, we have a widespread range of equipment to assist you as you establish your at-home studio.

As you browse our online cosmetic products, you can also scan through our DIY makeup checklist that can prompt you to remember everything you need.

  • Do you have the following makeup products ready to use?
    • Foundation (in the correct shade to match your tan)
    • Eyeliner
    • Eyelashes or mascara
    • Eyelash curler (if not using fake eyelashes)
    • Primer
    • Concealer
    • Eye shadow
    • Blush
    • Highlighter
    • Bronzer
    • Lip stick and lip liner
    • A range of brushes
  • Do you have some spare ‘touch up’ products to put in your purse on the night?
  • Is your at-home studio prepared with adequate equipment?
  • Have you decided on the type of makeup styling you would prefer: natural, dramatic or something else?
  • Have you investigated popular makeup styles online?
  • Are you confident in your application ability after practicing multiple times?

Once you have covered off on the above checklist, you should be set to go. Chatting with your friends and family and seeking their support will also help to encourage and motivate you on the day. In due course, makeup can be an enjoyable activity, so make the most of your opportunity to take control of your facial appearance, and have fun.

Good luck.


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