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What types of people need a skincare fridge?

skincare fridge

What types of people need a skincare fridge?

Since their invention, skincare fridges have consumed the attention of the beauty industry. Those who are brave enough to purchase a cosmetic fridge will typically rave about their functionality and proceed to strongly recommend them to others. To the people who have already made the cosmetic fridge investment, the product is nothing shy of a no-brainer.

On the flip side, some people are yet to make a skincare fridge purchase. They sit on the fence about whether they need a skincare fridge and are confused about how it would be beneficial to their unique situation. There are many people who remain uncertain about the investment of a mini beauty fridge.

Some of the predominant types of people who may consider purchasing a skincare fridge include:

  • Professional makeup artists who serve clients.
  • Training beauticians who are currently studying makeup artistry.
  • YouTubers and other vloggers.
  • Hobbyist beauticians and amateur makeup artists.
  • Makeup and cosmetic bloggers.
  • Full-time workers who apply makeup every day.

As a leading cosmetic store in Australia, we want to comprehensively evaluate who does and does not need a skincare fridge. Not only will we assess whether you need a skincare fridge, but we will also provide some insight into the most popular makeup fridges for your personal needs.

Why would a professional makeup artist need a skincare fridge?

Professional makeup artists and those who are running their own beauty business are the number one type of person who would invest in a skincare fridge. Due to the sheer amount of makeup they own, and the importance of preserving hygienic and therapeutic products, skincare fridges can have a significant positive impact for all beauticians. There are five main reasons that a professional cosmetic artist would use a beauty fridge.

1. Increase the lifetime of your makeup products.

As a professional makeup artist, you are likely to accumulate a wide variety of products. Because all of your clients will have varying skin colours and types, you will need to have different products for each individual. With the extensive range of products, you are only going to be using them ‘every now and then’ when another client of that skin colour and type comes along. While they are not being used, they will sit at the back of a cupboard becoming gluggy or dry. Over time, their texture and effectiveness will change.

A skincare fridge eliminates these issues. By storing your rarely used products in a cool and contained area, they will have an extended longevity in comparison to if they were kept in the open.

2. Store your makeup at a ready-to-use temperature.

Once your makeup business becomes popular and busy, you will have less and less time to plan before clients arrive to their appointments. You might eventually have back-to-back consultations and meetings. In this case, your makeup products need to be constantly stored at an application-appropriate temperature.

In a reliable skincare fridge, your products will be ready-to-use at any given moment. There will be no stress and panic on your behalf to cool them down if there is already a designated cool storage solution for them to permanently reside in.

3. Organise your products in one contained space.

Professional beauticians tend to struggle with organising their products. Drawers and cupboards can easily become a haven of clutter when there are so many products to manage. Makeup fridges neatly contain all of your lotions and foundations in a central location. Some mini fridges also have shelves, so that you can make the most of the space you have. They are the ideal solution for makeup artist dealing with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis.

The most popular skincare fridge in Australia for makeup artists is the Beauty Skincare Fridge, which comes in a variety of colours to suit every unique studio. This appliance is an affordable makeup fridge that functions well and uses minimal electricity.

4. Stop bacteria from growing on your products.

For professional makeup artists, bacteria on products is a real issue. Because your products come into contact with so many different clients, they can easily attract and breed germs. Your clients will not be happy if you accidentally transfer pimple-growing bacteria on their faces.

Thankfully, skincare fridges stop bacteria from developing. The cold temperatures effectively destroy any chances for germs to grow. If hygiene is something you are concerned about, then a skincare fridge is a simple and cost-effective solution. It also means that your products will last longer, and will never need to be thrown away due to a disgusting mouldy spot.

5. Soothe and reduce puffiness on your clients’ skin.

Your clients will be forever thankful when your cool makeup products calm their skin. All makeup professionals know that many clients attend their appointments feeling stressed or worried. As a result, their skin can appear somewhat red and inflamed.

Reducing puffiness and blotchiness is easy with cool lotions. Australian cosmetic fridges can keep your products chilled, and relax your client as they are being applied. Many skincare fridge owners comment on how their cooler products can miraculously relax a face.

Should amateur makeup hobbyists get a skincare fridge?

It is evidently clear that professional makeup artists can benefit from a skincare fridge. However, the question still looms as to whether amateur makeup artists require a beauty fridge.

Notably, individuals who apply makeup as a hobby own much less equipment and products in comparison to professional artists. Therefore, purchasing a makeup cooling appliance might seem like an unnecessary expense and endeavour.

Having read and received many skincare fridge reviews, the team at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique know how valuable a mini fridge can be, even for amateur beauticians. Most people find that a skincare fridge streamlines and simplifies their daily getting-ready process. Not only does it keep their products at a ready-to-apply temperature, but it assists with organisation so valuable morning minutes are not wasted searching for a specific foundation.

Additionally, having a skincare fridge can encourage a greater interest in makeup and the beauty industry. It motivates hobbyists to develop their skills and fall further in love with the art of makeup.

The best makeup fridge for hobbyist beauticians is the mini Beauty Skincare Fridge or Retro Skincare Fridge. Both of these appliances are small and cheap skincare fridge options, making them very suitable for amateur makeup hobbyists.

Do YouTubers and influencers need a skincare fridge?

Okay… we have clearly established that skincare fridges are great for both professional and amateur makeup artists. What about people who are not as closely connected to the makeup industry?

Some Instagram influencers, YouTube vloggers and online celebrities are not necessarily famous within the beauty niche, but they can still reap the benefits of a skincare fridge.

In most cases, digital influencers partially rely on their appearance to uphold their fame. They are often required to show their face when they endorse products or post online. Therefore, it is crucial that their appearance stays top-notch and is not destroyed by poor makeup decisions.

A good cosmetic fridge will improve your appearance by:

  • Healing and soothing your skin. (Cool products are therapeutic to the skin)
  • Reducing the likelihood of acne. (Fridges stop growth of bacteria)
  • Allowing you to do an A+ job of your makeup every single day.

Similarly to influencers, businesswomen need to maintain a stellar appearance in order to present themselves as professional. A skincare fridge will permit great makeup outcomes and optimal self-confidence.

All makeup users will quickly discover that their skincare fridge extends the livelihood of their products and results in makeup savings. Although a fridge requires an up-front cost, it often becomes a cost-saving item which means you do not need to replace your makeup products quite as frequently.

The advantages of chilled makeup and skin lotions are noticeable and widespread. Anybody can find value in a quality makeup refrigerator.

Who should not buy a skincare fridges?

Despite their undeniable awesomeness, there are actually some people out there that might not benefit from a skincare fridge. These popular appliances do cost money, so it is important to consider whether they can actually be useful to you and your specific circumstances.

The following questions should be asked to analyse whether you are a good candidate for a makeup fridge:

  • Do you apply makeup and/or lotions to your body? If you do not own any makeup or skincare products, you might not have anything to store in the fridge.
  • Do cool products soothe or agitate your skin? Cool products naturally soothe and heal skin. However, if you have a rare skin condition, you might want to check with your doctor about applying certain lotions or makeup items to your body.
  • Will you have a spare power point that the skincare fridge can be plugged into? In order for a fridge to work, it needs to be plugged into power.
  • Can you pay the associated electricity costs? Skincare fridges are very small, so they do not use much power. However, they may still add a couple of extra dollars to your power bill.
  • Have you done research into the best skincare fridges in Australia? It is important to thoroughly research makeup fridge businesses to understand which ones are reliable.

Ultimately, most people will benefit from having a skincare fridge in their home.

What do people have to say about skincare fridges?

Naturally, most people want to see some sort of social proof before purchasing a skincare fridge. There are a number of skincare fridge reviews circulating the internet currently. Almost all of them are largely positive. However, some disappointed buyers have received dissatisfying products after purchasing through untrustworthy sellers.

Interestingly, reviews about skincare fridges from people that have extensively researched the fridge-selling company are all full of encouraging comments.

Being sellers of skincare fridges ourselves, we have received ample feedback from buyers. Some of the most common comments that our customers make about skincare fridges include:

  • “The cool lotions actually soothe the skin.”
  • “It uses barely any electricity, but keeps the products so cool.”
  • “My products last much longer than they used to.”
  • “It looks great and works perfectly.”
  • “The express delivery skincare fridge is a great investment.”

If you search for positive makeup fridge reviews online, you will find that the happy customers are endless. The upbeat feedback keeps our team eager to continue selling our innovative appliance.

Where can you find the best makeup fridges?

The most popular skincare fridges are not found in large department stores or unspecialised shops. The best makeup fridges can only be purchased through beauty-specific online stores. Signs of a good skincare fridge company include:

  • They sell more than one fridge option
  • They admit to specialising in skincare fridges
  • They operate in the cosmetic or makeup industry
  • They have customer support to help you make your purchase
  • They are a Sydney skincare fridge business, or Australian skincare fridge business
  • They offer secure online payment.

When you purchase makeup fridges online, you will sometimes have the option of buying with Afterpay. Afterpay on skincare fridges is a perfect way to get your appliance as soon as possible, but pay-off the total cost in smaller instalments. At Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, we understand that you might not be able to afford the total cost of your skincare fridge immediately. Therefore, we offer beauty fridge Afterpay to assist your buying experience.

Opting for a cosmetic fridge online also means you can have a stress-free delivery process. Instead of carrying the appliance home yourself, you can rely on a team of experienced delivery drivers to safely and securing transport your new product. If you are looking for a skincare fridge with fast delivery, you do not need to look any further than our own digital store.

As well as selling the best cosmetic fridges in Australia, we proudly provide a variety of beauty products and equipment. We also specialise in ring lights, vanity mirrors, makeup cases, studio lighting and organisation tools. With fast delivery, cheap prices and top-quality products, it is no wonder why our makeup artist essentials are making a storm.

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