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What have we noticed after using a skincare fridge for six months?


What have we noticed after using a skincare fridge for six months?

There are many looming opinions about skincare fridges. Whilst many makeup bloggers bow down to their skincare fridge, others are more sceptical of their effectiveness. However, much of the criticism originates from beauticians and amateurs who have never even used a beauty fridge in their lives.

Truthfully, it is impossible to comment on the functionality and value of a skincare fridge if you have never actually purchased and utilised one in your studio. Before listening to any commentary about beauty fridges, we suggest ensuring that the commenter has actually taking the time to understand how they work.

Many people who are trying to work out if they should purchase a skincare fridge or not will conduct some research online and immediately become perplexed by the public conversation over these appliances. Thousands of beauticians across Australia are purchasing them, so why are people so angry about them?

As leaders in the skincare industry, we are confident in the value and worthiness of skincare fridges. The benefits associated with a product cooling system are extensive. Ultimately, they are a wise investment for the future.

However, we know that there is only one way to silence the myths for good. Hence, we have gone to the effort of purchasing a new skincare fridge, using it for a six month period, and documenting everything we notice about the appliance. We are dissecting every aspect of skincare fridges, the good and the bad.

By the conclusion of this post, you will have a thorough understand of what to expect from your skincare fridge and things to be aware of before purchasing. No stone will be left unturned. We will also make it super dooper ultra clear as to whether skincare fridges are a worth investment of your hard-earned money.

Keep reading and you will soon uncover our final statement on the usefulness of cooling your makeup in a beauty fridge.

Myths and truths about skincare fridges.
There are two sides to the makeup fridge debate. We want to debunk the myths and outline all of the facts about skincare fridges. But, first we must address where the criticism and argument originates from.

According to all lovers of makeup, skincare fridges can have the following impact:

  • Less bacteria and germs growing on your makeup products.
  • Simpler organisation of products and a better storage solution.
  • Makeup products that last much longer and can be used until they run out.
  • Products that are consistently at a temperature which is suitable for application.
  • Enhanced studio appeal (for professional makeup artists).
  • Keep makeup products away from your food refrigerators.

When you consider the science behind skincare fridges, these benefits seem reasonable. Keeping your makeup products at a lower temperature could certainly have the aforementioned desired effects.

However, on the flip side, some people argue that makeup cooling systems will only achieve the following:

  • Wasting of money.
  • Wasting of time.
  • Wasting of effort.

When listening to skincare fridge haters, you should always take their views with a grain of salt. Are they actually trying to sell something else to you? Have they tried a skincare fridge in the past? Are they a reliable beauty professional whose opinion you can trust?

Either way, we are about to put their judgement to the test by personally purchasing and analysing a skincare fridge ourselves. Drum roll….


Choosing the best skincare fridge in Australia.
In order to start our six-month diary on the use of a skincare fridge, we needed to make the initial purchase. Finding and buying a good skincare fridge online was a surprisingly challenging task.

With a number of brands and beauty stores trying to sell makeup refrigerators, it is very difficult to understand what companies are genuine, and which are simply trying to steal our money.

When investigating international beauty stores, we quickly realised that delivery of our skincare fridge would take months. Understandably, we wanted to start our experiment as soon as possible. Hence, we needed to source fast delivery on skincare fridges.  This criteria narrowed our search dramatically.

Secondly, we did not want to blow our budget by purchasing a refrigerator. A cheap skincare fridge was ultimately what were looking for. Though, we understood that buying something too cheap may sacrifice quality.

Gah! Why does it all have to be so difficult?
In the end, one particular brand stood out to us the most as being a reputable, reliable and widely used cosmetic company. It was an affordable skincare fridge provider and they offered quick dispatch on makeup fridge orders. We chose a mini skincare fridge because they are one of the most popular types of skincare fridges currently on the market. The size, design, materials and colour looked perfect for us.

As soon as our brand new piece of equipment arrived in the post, our comprehensive diary entries began.


After one day.
Our skincare fridge arrived promptly after ordering and we were bursting with enthusiasm to start using it. Despite fears that setting up the fridge would be a DIY nightmare, it was an extraordinary task. We opened the box, removed the packaging, plugged it in, and wallah.

As the cooling appliance started to reduce in temperature, we began putting some products in it. Our skincare fridge held:

  • A moisturising cream.
  • Bottle of foundation.
  • Liquid face mask.
  • Aloe Vera gel.
  • Moisturising cream.

Although there was still room for a few more products, we decided to keep it simple. To much delight, the miniature size of the fridge meant that it cooled down rapidly and our products were already starting to chill.


After one week.
It was after one week of using our skincare fridge when we first started recognising some major benefits. It was already becoming clear to us that the makeup fridge could positively influence the way we applied our makeup.

Firstly, we realised how easy our products had become to apply. As every day makeup users, we previously had never had time to cool down our products. We usually had to accept that the products were warmer than we would like. As a result, certain lotions would drip down our skin or inflame our facial features.

Secondly, the cool lotions and gels were actually having a soothing effect on our skin. In the Australian Summer heat, it is common for our skin to become blotchy, discoloured or burnt. Applying cold products soothed our dry complexion, calmed hot sections of our skin, and balanced any discolouration.


After one month.
We anticipated that after one month, our new fridge may start to become a hassle in our workspace. Alternatively, we worried that the excitement may blow over and we were left with an appliance we had no desire to use.

We were 100% wrong. Four weeks since receiving our beauty fridge, we were more pleased with it than ever before.

Just like in the first week, our makeup products were still having healing effects on our skin. At this point, we were almost convinced that our skin had improved because of the cool products. We had less pimples, less blotches, and less puffiness. However, it was still difficult to determine whether the changes were a result of the fridge, or eating less sweets.

Rather than acquiring funky smells in the natural climate, all of our refrigerated products maintained their original, mild scents. Bliss!

After three months.
By month number three, our skincare fridge was officially our best friend. Instead of having items strewn across benches and tables, all of our products were still neatly contained within the appliance. It was as if the fridge was genuinely encouraging us not to have a messy workspace.

When we received our electricity bill, there was no difference compared to prior months. Because the fridge is only small, it does not use much power. There was even one day where we forgot to close to door on the fridge, so it had to use additional exertion to stay cool. Oops.

Our complexion is definitely thanking us for the investment. Our skin feels and appears healthier. Because applying makeup is now a more enjoyable experience, we have started to generate a strong passion for cosmetics and the beauty industry.


After six months.
Six months into our beauty fridge lifestyle, we are not looking back. Generally, we would replace most of our makeup products approximately every six months. In particular, our liquid makeup used to turn gluggy, sloppy or rock solid after this time.

With the use of our popular makeup fridge, all of our products still present as good as new. There is no indication of them being spoilt or attaining germs since being opened many months ago. We can confidently continue applying the products and having no side effects.

We are so convinced of the quality of the skincare fridge, that we decided we were ready for an upgrade or secondary fridge. We wanted all of our products to be subject to better longevity, so we wanted all of them to be placed in a fridge.

Should you buy a skincare fridge?
Now that our test is over, it is time to make an official concluding statement. Surely you can take a guess of what we are about to say. If you have read the previous information, it should be obvious…

YES – you should absolutely purchase a skincare fridge to hold your makeup. Although it is an upfront expense, there is no denying that a makeup fridge can end up saying you money in the long run.

We cannot wait to continue using our makeup cooler to enhance our beauty potential. These appliances are simple to use and can provide enormous advantages.

Anybody who tries to claim that cosmetic fridges are a waste of money is flat-out fibbing. Once you have found a trustworthy company to buy from, purchasing a cheap cosmetics fridge online is a piece of cake.

Although, before getting out the credit card and buying one of these popular beauty accessories, we believe you should consider the following things:

  • Be careful when choosing the colour of your fridge.

Make sure that you think seriously about what style and colour fridge you would like. Particularly for professional makeup artists who have visiting clients, it is vital that your new appliance does not hinder your general studio aesthetic. There are a variety of cute and modern makeup fridges available, so it is simple a matter of dwelling on what will suit your space best. We recommend picturing each available colour in your mind, and trying to imagine if it will complement or contrast in your room.

  • Only buy from Australia cosmetic stores.

Purchasing an international skincare fridge will usually result in large shipping fees. There is also a greater chance of the fridge becoming damaged before it gets delivered. Australian skincare fridge stores are more accountable for the products and are more likely to deliver you a quality piece of equipment. It goes without mentioning that they will ensure faster beauty fridge delivery and better customer service, too.

  • Powder products do not need to be keep in a fridge.

There are a range of makeup products that should be kept in cooler climates, but powder foundation is not often thought to be one of them. While a lower climate will not damage your powder, it could take up space where other lotions might reap the benefits more so. If you were intending on storing only powders in your fridge, then it might be worth re-evaluating if this is an appliance you really need.

Well, that is that. We have made our case and outlined the reasons why you should get a makeup fridge. From here, it is your opportunity to start browsing for a fridge that suits you. To kick things off, you may like to look at this range of the best cosmetic fridges in 2019. No matter what style or size you are searching for, there will be an option that meets your requirements.

Good luck and happy investing.

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