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3 out-of-the-ordinary ways to use a ring light

Ring Light

3 out-of-the-ordinary ways to use a ring light

Our society is filled with many creative and innovative artists. While many of us purchase products and proceed to use them for their standard intended usage, there are various individuals who get a thrill out of finding unique ways to use an item.

Imagination runs in some people’s blood.

In the case of ring lights, there is now an extensive range of ways that people are making use of the effective lighting tool. Their popularity is not only growing in one industry, but expanding out to various professions.

Originally, the circular lights were only bought by makeup artists and social media influencers. Nowadays, they are attracting the attention of various authorities from a wide range of industries. Their versatility means they can fulfil many purposes and needs.

Additionally, there are a number of specific techniques emerging for when people actually get down to implementing their LED ring light. To uncover these methods, there have been much experimentation into angles, dimness and subjects. No matter what you are wanting to achieve, ring lights can be of great assistance to you.

As your go-to store for ring lights, we have taken it upon ourselves to explain some of the weird, whacky and wonderful ways that you can use a ring light. If you are wondering how to use a ring light, you have come to the correct place.


The standard use of a ring light.
As most people know, ring lights come with a range of benefits that improve the brightness of a subject. They are renowned for better quality photography and enhancing makeup application ability. The most popular ring lights in Australia are often straightforward to use and come with a range of accessories, such as a tripod or selfie stick attachment.

More specifically, the best ring lights are known for:

  • Reducing or removing shadows.
  • Reducing or removing highlights.
  • Creating a desirable shine or halo effect in the eyes of a subject.
  • Generally balancing the diffusion of light over a subject.
  • Providing flattering lighting.
  • Better visuals over a subject.
  • Ability to position a camera or recorder in the centre of the lighting.

Majority of ring light purchases will be made by people within two industries: the beauty industry or the content creation industry. With the aforementioned benefits in mind, it is no wonder why these professionals love using ring lights. Ring lights are typically most useful for:

  • Makeup artists and beauticians.
  • Photographers.
  • Videographers
  • Social media influencers.
  • Youtubers
  • Instagram users.

The most common way to use a ring light is by placing it directly in front of the subject, approximately one or two metres away. Depending on the unique brightness of the room that the subject is in, ring light users may want to dim their ring light so that the output is neither overbearing nor too dark. The ring light is typically placed at the same height as the subject’s face.

Almost all vloggers, bloggers and beauticians agree that this is the best position for achieving optimal light effectiveness.

Unique and creative techniques for using a ring light.
The beauty industry and content creation industry is full of creative masterminds. Hence, we should not be surprised that thousands of people are developing unusual and artistic ways to use their ring light.

Instead of setting up their ring light to produce an even diffusion over light over a subject, many imaginative people are purposefully arranging their ring lights in obscure places or manners to develop a more unique lighting effect.

We have been following along the various trends and noting some of the most popular, innovative ways to use a ring light. To entice your creative juices, we have listed six of the most non-customary ways that people are setting up their round lighting appliances.

1. The close up technique.
As we mentioned previously, most ring light users will place their ring light approximately one or two metres forward from their subject. This permits an even spread of lighting to be diffused over the subject.

However, the close up technique means bringing the ring light much closer to the subject’s face. In doing this, a highlight effect may be generated on the nose, eyes, chin and forehead. If these are features that the photographer or makeup artist wants to accentuate on their subject, then positioning the ring light as close as possible to the subject is an effective way to do so.

It is important that makeup artists and photographers do not hurt the eyes of their client or model. Having a ring light so close can be temporarily blinding. We suggest keeping the light switched off while positioning the subject. Then, the light only needs to be turned on while photographs are actually being taken.

2. The left or right angle technique.
Generally, LED ring lights are positioned directly in front of the chief subject. This provides an all-encompassing effect that eliminates shadows.

On the flip side, some innovators are opting to place their ring light slightly off-centre. By doing this, a shadow often appears on the opposite cheek to where the ring light is placed. This could be a desired affect by people who are trying to hide a particular blemish on their model, or emphasis one side in particular. Alternatively, the light and shade contrast can act as symbolism in an image, bringing about moods of secrecy and/or shame.

3. The low-down technique.
Whilst it is recommended to place a ring light at the same height as the head of your subject, some artists are bucking the trend. Rather than removing shadows, they are trying to create them for a creative effect.

Positioning the ring light lower than the subject will result in light emerging from underneath the model’s chin. It can create shadows above the nose, cheek bone, lips and eyebrows. Ultimately, this results in the subject appearing powerful or evil. For themed photoshoots, this can be particularly valuable.

4. The up-high technique.
As an alternative to placing your ring light low, you may consider pacing it higher than the subject’s face. This will provide shadows on opposing features of the face.

It can have the effect of making your subject appear angelic or gentle. Additionally, some people believe that it has a more flattering effect, because it can cause a face to look slimmer and softer.

5. The multiple ring light technique.
If one ring light is not enough, why not go ballistic and purchase a few more? Using more than one ring light can have varying effects. Generally, it will provide a more widespread light diffusion and more powerful brightness. It can also ensure that the light is capturing every angle of the subject, including the back of the head and sides of the head.

If you have more than one subject, multiple ring lights can be beneficial for lighting all of their faces. Though, if you only have one subject, it is likely that their face will cop all of the produced light. As a result, they may appear to have a whiter or smoother complexion.

6. The filter effect.
Just like many other lighting appliances, specifically designed ring light filters can be placed in front of the circular lights. Generally, these filters are used to produce a coloured effect over the subject. They can either enhance certain colours, or introduce them. Some of the most popular filters include: black and white, vignette effect, and high contrast effect.

Some of the best LED ring lights actually come with different colour settings. With these colour-adaptable ring lights, there is no need for a specific filter or cap to go over the ring light. Instead, the light will do it all for you.

Different places for using a ring light.
Although ring lights are most predominantly used in photography, videography or beauty studios, Australians are slowly recognising that their use can be more widespread. As these effective lighting tools continue to become more popular within the community, a greater range of personnel are opting to use the lights for different purposes.

Truthfully, there is no limit as to where a ring light can be employed. Any circumstance where powerful and balanced lighting is needed should be considered an appropriate time to utilise a circular light. Below are four interesting locations where ring lights can offer benefits.

1. At events.
Lighting can be a crucial element at events for creating a certain vibe and aesthetic. Poor lighting could mean that particular corners or spaces in the venue are more lit than others. This is not optimal for photography, or for creating a social space. Utilising ring lights is an effective way to make sure that all of the lighting in the venue is evenly distributed.

2. During presentations.
Most presenters worry deeply about how they look before speaking to a crowd. If your presenter wants to have a strong visual appeal to their audience, they may like to use a ring light. Positioning a popular ring light in front of them can allow them to look more flattering.

3. In an office.
Office workers can spend up to forty hours per week at their desk. If the lighting is not consistent in their office space, this can cause headaches and eye strain. As we know, ring lights are popular tools for creating a smooth overall brightness.

4. In a children’s bedroom.
Almost all toddlers and children prefer to sleep with a nightlight on. Dimmable ring lights are a great lighting option for a child’s bedroom because they can be brightened during the day and lowered overnight. Many parents also adore the favourable light when placed over their baby’s crib.

What ring light is best to achieve out-of-the-ordinary effects?
There is a wide range of LED ring lights available on the market. In fact, the sheer amount of ring lights is shocking. Hence, you need to be thoughtful and careful with your ring light purchase. Do not rush into a decision that you may regret.

Although there are cheap ring lights online, it is important that you ensure the price does not mean a compromise on quality. Be sure to analyse the specifications and features of your light and understand whether it comes with all of the features and attachments that you need.

In particular, you should consider the size of the ring light and whether it has enough power to produce the brightness you desire. Small ring lights can still be very effective at lighting a single subject, but you may need a bigger ring light if you are photographing or videoing a greater space.

If you plan to try some artistic effects with your ring light, we suggest reflecting on these important features:

  • Ring light with tripod stand, so the LED bulbs can hold steady.
  • Ring light with dimmable switch, so that altering the brightness is an easy task.
  • Lightweight ring light, so you can easily manoeuvre it as you experiment around the room.
  • Innovative lamp ring light, so you can quickly change angles.
  • Ring light with carry bag, so transporting your ring light is seamless.
  • Ring light with camera mount, so your camera can be positioned in the centre of the light.
  • Ring light with smart phone mount, so you can easily record from your phone.

Most importantly, you should ensure that your ring light is a quality item purchased from a reliable online ring light store. If your round light is purchased from a dodgy dealer, you will not be able to achieve any of the desired affects. The worst ring lights online are usually sold by international sellers who have little evidence of being passionate about ring lights.

Our parent company, Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, is leading the way in professional ring lights. If you are looking for dependability, quality and value for money, you do not need to look any further. To find a suitable product for you, browse our large online ring light range. We have everything from mini ring lights with selfie stick attachments, to expert ring lights designed for professionals.

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