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Best 4 ring lights for YouTubers, makeup artists and photographers


Best 4 ring lights for YouTubers, makeup artists and photographers

In 2019, LED ring lights have undoubtedly been the most popular piece of equipment attracting professionals from the videography, photography and cosmetic industries. They are seriously the buzz right now, and there is nothing slowing down the ring light rage.

Ring lights are an incredibly effective lighting tool that has an innovative and well-respected design. Admirably, the circular shape of the light allows it to comprehensively light a subject without creating any unwanted shadows and darkened areas.

For vloggers and photographers, ring lights can be helpful for bringing additional light into an image, as well as reducing shade. For beauticians, ring lights are useful for highlighting all features of a client’s face and ensuring no blemishes are missed. As commented by all YouTubers and Instagrammers, reliable ring lights produce a very flattering and complementary look.

They’re the fiercest product on the market – guaranteed to take you from noob to pro.

Regardless of your budget and intended purpose, there are cheap ring lights online that can match your request.

1. The selfie stick ring light.
The most popular type of ring light right now is the selfie stick ring light. Because it is designed specifically for usage with mobile phones, these ring lights can essentially be used by anybody who has a smart phone.

While they may not be appropriate for professional photographers and beauticians, they are the ideal introductory item to the world of circular lighting. Our professional cosmetic team highly recommends them for budding Instagram influencers who regularly take indoor selfies on their phone.

When purchasing these lights, it is important to take note of the ring size. If the light is abnormally large, the stick is unlikely to be able to hold both your phone and the light without falling or breaking. The best selfie ring lights will have a reinforced flexible arm that can move freely but never droop. Generally, selfie ring lights should be around 8” in size.

2. The beginner’s ring light.
At a slightly higher price point to the selfie stick light is a humble beginner’s ring light. These ring lights will often be around 12” in size, so they offer more light and shine whilst still being relatively lightweight and portable.

A beginner’s ring light is our recommended product for those who are starting out in the beauty industry or just kicking their vlogging career into action. Typically, these mid-range ring lights will have mounts for a smartphone and will come with a small tripod stand.

The best ring lights in Australia have the ability to adjust the brightness of the light with ease. Some of the most popular LED ring lights even have multiple modes of warm and cool colours to create any required mood.

3. The ring light on tripod.
If you are a more established vlogger, photographer and beautician, purchasing a ring light on a tripod may be more appropriate to suit your needs. Particularly for vloggers who have a digital camera, as opposed to a smartphone, this bigger version of a ring light will be necessary to hold the weight of the camera and

Ring lights propped on stands are commonly used by makeup artists because they do not need to be held up while the makeup is being applied.

Ring lights on tripods come in a range of sizes. The most common ring light size is around 14”. Although they are bigger than the selfie stick varieties, they are still available at cheap prices in online ring light stores.

4. The expert’s ring light
At the performance peak of all available ring lights is the fully-fledged expert ring light. On our popular Australian ring light store, the expert ring light varieties are the best sellers of the bunch.

The most popular bloggers and vloggers in Australia and across the globe are using sizable 18” or 19” ring lights to amplify the professionalism of their content creation. To put it simply: the bigger the light, the brighter the light, the better the light.

Large ring light options are notably more expensive than smaller selfie stick and beginner varieties. However, the effectiveness is essentially doubled because the of the light’s size.

The best professional ring lights of this size will come equipped with extra-long cords, two metre stands and carry bags.

Quality is the key.
Choosing a trustworthy ring light company is just as important as choosing your type of ring light. Don’t make the mistake of getting a cheapie on eBay and having it turn up nothing like what you actually ordered.

When purchasing your ring light, ensure you are buying through a reliable business that specialises in cosmetic or lighting equipment. Read the specifications of the ring light carefully and be certain that it meets your expectations.

In particular, evaluate the source power interface source, dimming range, and light angle to ensure it can match your needs. Do not be afraid to be picky.

At Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, our products are guaranteed for quality and have fast dispatch in Australia. Our team pride ourselves on having a comprehensive product range in our online cosmetic store.

Browse our online lighting equipment today and take advantage of our free standard delivery on all ring light purchases.

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