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Six Items That Every Makeup Artist Should Have


Six Items That Every Makeup Artist Should Have

As the number of beauticians rises, so does the competition for attracting clients. May the makeup war began!

To continue seeking new business, many makeup artists reduce their standard prices or offer hefty discounts to onlookers. Our suggestion is to increase the sophistication and studio-appeal or your makeup business, rather than desperately lowering your prices. The fact of the matter is that long-lasting, quality clients seek professionalism over price.

The concept of purchasing makeup studio products can be a daunting prospect for many beauticians, as they fear spending hard-earnt cash on something that does not actually improve their service quality.

But, never fear. There are a range of proven beauty accessories being endorsed by famous bloggers and vloggers around Australia. Even if you are just kicking off your makeup artistry brand, there are a variety of cheap makeup stores online that can offer valuable accessories and products at inexpensive prices.

To assist your dive into the depths of the makeup sea, we have outlined the top six products that are revolutionising low-key makeup studios and turning them into fully-fledged, professional artist studios.

1. LED Ring Lights
Ring lights are the latest product to take the beauty and cosmetic world by storm. The innovative lighting method is an ideal option for makeup artists (or selfie addicts), as it gently lights every angle and feature of an individual’s face. The circular shape of the light ensures that it captures every aspect of a subject without creating any shadows.

Most online ring light stores will offer a variety of sizes, depending on your needs. The team at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique recommend a Beauty Beginner 12” LED Ring Light for those who are starting up their makeup business, or a Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light for those who have a sizeable studio to host their clients in.

2. Vanity Mirrors
The best beauticians in Australia all have a vanity light and mirror as part of their makeup kit. It is an essential. Vanity mirrors with vanity lighting have a flattering light output that can assist with identifying problem areas or highlight-able zones on your client’s face.

Depending on what suits your application style best, you may like to choose a desktop vanity mirror, or a Pro LED magnifying mirror. The best vanity mirrors will have the ability to fold down for easy storage and transportation.

3. Skincare Fridges
Beauty fridges and skincare fridges are the solution to keeping your makeup fresh. Most beauticians agree that products such as serums, masks and creams need to be stored at lower temperatures to maintain their worth. Perhaps you could store a sneaky bevvy in there, too!

A cosmetic fridge is an investment for your makeup business, as it will allow for an extended lifetime of your products. If you keep a large range of makeup in stock, you may require a large beauty fridge, such as the Cosmetic Fridge Pro. However, most makeup artists are happily equipped with a Compact Skincare Fridge.

4. Makeup Chairs
Comfortable and practical salon chairs are the answer to satisfying your makeup clients. (And they may also give you something to relax on after a hectic day) Despite their size, makeup chairs can still be purchased in online beauty stores for delivery. They are also available at affordable prices so you can provide luxury without breaking the bank.

The most popular makeup chairs in Australia are made with sturdy steel and have a sleek, one-coloured finish.  The Beauty Director’s Chair at Cosmetic Beauty Boutique is a portable makeup chair with a lightweight, easy to manage design.

5. Cosmetic Storages
Accept it: now is the time to fix that hideously busy makeup stash drawer. As your makeup business grows, you are likely to need some effective solutions for product storage. The best beauty storage will be practical, but also have an elegant and stylish appeal within your studio.

Many beauticians are opting for rotating makeup organisers that are simple to use and can be embellished with voguish features. The acrylic rotating makeup organiser and diamond 360 organiser are examples of combining class with feasibility.

6. Beauty Cases
Another popular makeup storage option is a beauty case or cosmetic box that can allow for easy travel. Cosmetic travel bags and cases are ideal for makeup artists who attend to their clients rather than holding a studio for visiting clientele.

It is important that your travel makeup bag can transport your products safely and without the contents becoming jumbled or broken. A multi-layer trolley can assist with this. Some of the best makeup travel cases are designed similar to suitcases, so they can easily be moved in and out of venues. Popular online beauty cases include the renowned Beauty Roller Pro and Travel Case Timeless.

Ultimately, there are a range of beauty products online that can be largely beneficial for your makeup business. However, the six items we have discussed above are a few simple elements that will allow for your studio to start looking more proficient and certified.

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