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Why every girl and her ‘Gram needs a ring light


Why every girl and her ‘Gram needs a ring light

Not all models, bloggers and vloggers are willing to share their secrets on producing top-quality, flattering imagery for their channels.

However, as one of the most popular cosmetic brands in Australia, we feel obliged to let you in on some industry truths. It is time to cut out the BS and give all budding social media entrepreneurs a fair chance.

So, if you have been wondering how to become Instagram famous or a YouTube celebrity, we have the solution.

Ring lights are the key to transforming you from an everyday blogger or beautician into a model or makeup professional.

Never heard of them?

No, we are not referring to those popular-in-primary-school mood rings that change colour as your temperament alters. (However, on that topic, we are sure your mood ring would be yellow with excitement right now!)

We are talking about the hottest beauty and blogging trend in 2019. To sum it up, ring lights are simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, and highly effective.

What are ring lights?
Ring lights are a circular lighting tool that is designed to position itself around your camera lens. They are a common piece of equipment in all photographer studios and beauty salons.

Ring lights come in a variety of intensities and sizes to suit your different applications. Good Australian ring lights will have the ability to alter the brightness of the light. They will also come with a cheap ring light stand to change the height of the light.

With an iPhone or smaller camera, you may get more use out of a small ring light such as our Beauty Selfie LED Ring Light. Alternatively, professional photographers or industry makeup artists may prefer our Beauty Expert 18” LED Large Ring Light.

Why are ring lights useful for photographers?
Amateur and professional photographers alike know that LED ring lights are crucial for success. When taking videos or photographs of a person, ring lights can:

  • Create a shine on the subject’s eyes.
    Particularly when on a slight angle to the person’s face, a ring light can create an attractive sparkle on the pupil.
  • Reduce shadows and highlights.
    High quality ring lights can even the lighting on the subject’s face so that no aspects are left in the dark.
  • Emphasise bone structures.
    Ring lights can effectively highlight a person’s jawline and cheek bones, making them appear slimmer and stronger in the image.
  • Reduce squint reaction from the subject.
    Compared to standard lighting options, ring lights are less likely to leave your subject squinting and squirming at the brightness. They can be dimmed to suit the person’s comfort levels.

Why are ring lights used by makeup artists?
As well as being a highly sought-after tool for photographers, makeup artists are often found searching for the best ring lights online. Because many female vloggers and bloggers are also makeup professionals, a light ring can have multiple functions.

For beauticians, ring lights have a variety of benefits:

  • Better identification of blemishes.
    The all-encompassing light shine from a ring light allows for no spot to go unmissed.
  • Great manoeuvrability.
    Ring lights can easily be repositioned during the makeup application process to highlight other areas of the face or body. A simple online search will show you lightweight ring lights and portable ring lights.
  • Highlighting the subject’s natural features.
    Compared to other lights, circular lights can better emphasise the prominent structural features of a subject’s face. Then, the beautician can easily see what needs to be softened or further highlighted.
  • Comfort for you or your customer.
    Safe ring lights will have no ultraviolet and infrared light radiation. They will also have a low heat output, so the subject can remain undisturbed.

Small investment for high returns.
Cheap LED ring lights are available in many popular beauty stores online. It is vital that when searching for budget ring lights, you consider the quality and reputation of a company before purchasing with them.

Cosmetic Beauty Boutique are commonly recognised as providing the cheapest beauty lights in Australia. However, the low cost does not compromise on quality. Most of our available photography ring lights and makeup ring lights have a long service life of more than 50,000 hours.

The most popular ring lights
The best ring light for vloggers is often considered to be our Beauty Mini 8” LED Light. The ring light with selfie stick attachment comes with an extra-long cord so you can be sitting or standing whilst producing your blog, and the light can be manoeuvred to suit you.

The best ring light for photographers is usually recognised as our Beauty Queen 19” LED Light. The ring light with stand means that the height can be adjusted to suit your subject.

When purchasing with Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, you can take advantage of our unique offers:

  • Fast ring light delivery
  • Order tracking for your purchase
  • Use of ring light Afterpay
  • Simple returns policy
  • Easy communication, contact and support from our team
  • Purchasing with a local Australia ring light business

Browse our online ring light store today for more specifications and product details.

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