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Why You Should Totally Invest in a Skincare Fridge!

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Why You Should Totally Invest in a Skincare Fridge!

Are you tired of your gorgeous skincare products taking up all the room in your bathroom or bedroom? Are you sick of never being able to find your moisturiser before you head to that early morning work staff meeting or can’t find your mascara before that big girl’s night out.

Every girl knows that excessive exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on our skin. But you may not realise that this can also degrade your skincare products. Exposing certain ingredients to sunshine could be the reason why your moisturiser or eye cream isn’t as effective as it once was. Your beauty and skincare products could be losing their efficacy just by storing them incorrectly!

Luckily we are here for you with a few tips on caring for your skincare products.

Let us help you to take your skincare storage to a whole new level with our skincare fridges. A mini fridge just for your beauty products sounds pretty fancy and no, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Plus they are super cute, come in a huge range of colours and are awesome for storing your skincare products.

They’re cute, compact, and will keep your beauty products cool for maximum effectiveness. It’s not just for luxury beauty products, tons of your everyday cosmetics will benefit by being kept on the chilly side.

Not only will chilling your skincare extend the life of your beautiful beauty products and stop puffiness, but skincare fridges can store your serums, masks, and creams at lower temperatures which can also prevent bacteria.

During summer, it’s safe to say that beauty products that provide any sort of cooling sensation are more than welcome. We all want a bit of relief from the heat wherever we can get it.

But instead of buying more products you might not need, you can store your existing in the fridge. This simple act can prove to be beneficial in myriad ways. A refrigerated eye cream can help reduce puffiness while other products just perform better after being chilled.

A designated cosmetic fridge is a great way to keep your products active for a longer period of time after opening. Cooling the products helps inhibit bacterial and fungal growth once the product has been contaminated with fingers.

Add a cooling sensation to your favourite beauty products while helping them last longer and stay fresh in your gorgeous mini fridge. Whether its hot summer days or winter, keep your beauty products away from heat or light and refrigerate to help them create a rejuvenating beauty routine to gift you with glowing skin.

A mini fridge devoted to your most precious products creams is the ultimate luxury, plus you get to have extra space in your bathroom and enjoy the feelings of cold and soothing creams, face masks, moisturisers and serums on your face and skin. Just gorgeous!

We recommend keeping facemasks, eye creams and moisturisers in the fridge. Cold serums might also help calm inflamed acne bumps, as well as any formula that contains aloe; when cold, the ingredient can be incredibly soothing.

Refrigerating your beauty products not only helps them last longer, but can also increase their effectiveness. As a good rule of thumb, any creams or serums (especially with vitamin C) are ideal for storing in the fridge.

Things you only use once and a while will be kept safer stored cool, as well as anything that’s organic with a short shelf life. When in doubt, always read the label or consult with the manufacturer. Here’s a list of items that should be stored in your skincare fridge:

Unstable Serums:
Did you know that Vitamin C is very capricious? The popular anti-aging ingredient is sensitive to oxygen, light, and temperature. So store your potent formulas in a beauty fridge to ensure they keep working hard to the very last drop. Vitamin C is a wonder ingredient that effectively fades dark spots and hyper pigmentation. But heat and sunlight have a detrimental effect on it. Vitamin-C-based formulas tend to oxidise and break down easily, rendering them less effective. Changes in smell or colour are indications that they are not being stored correctly.

Sheet and eye masks:
Need to calm inflamed or irritated skin? Simply, pop your sheet mask in the fridge. This will cool your skin’s surface temperature and cause a reduction in blood flow, which eases redness and numbs the area. A cold compress will decrease inflammation and thus help to minimise the appearance of puffy, tired eyes while also calming redness on the skin’s surface.

Probiotics and supplements:
We know that a healthy micro biome equals healthy skin. Store anything with live pro or prebiotics in your beauty fridge as a reminder to take them regularly and ensure they remain stable.

Hydrating Mists:
Give your daily regimens a spa-like feel with this top beauty tip because is where the fridge really shines. Any toning/balancing/or hydrating mist will feel like light raindrops soothing tired stressed out skin. Cooling can also make products soothe the skin and feel better when using, especially on those with sensitive skin.

Eye Creams:
It’s a good idea to store your eye creams in the fridge. The cold temperature has been proven to reduce puffiness under eyes. Storing them in the fridge may also increase their effectiveness and potency. Skincare and beauty products can be a big investment, so storing them correctly is the least you can do to maintain and preserve their potency.

Retinol Creams:
Retinol is an ingredient that promises to deliver radiant, youthful skin. But it loses its potency when exposed to sunlight. UV rays have a destabilising effect on it, so you shouldn’t be using products with retinol during the day. Dermatologists recommend only using retinol at night. Also, be sure to store any products with this powerful ingredient in a cool, dark place.

Although sunscreens are meant to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, exposing these products to sunlight can diminish their efficacy. These formulas are typically tested for stability in indoor conditions, and intense sunshine may destabilise them. As a result, some of the key ingredients can become inactive, leaving you more susceptible to sunburns. If you’re heading out for a day in the sun, make sure you carry your sunscreen in a thick or insulated bag, so it’s not directly exposed to the sun.

Like your skincare products, your fragrances are also susceptible to environmental conditions. These formulas are affected by excessive heat, humidity, and sunlight. Always keep the perfumes in the original bottles they came in and store these in cool, dark place. Avoid keeping your fragrances in a bathroom cabinet as the humidity can bring about changes to the look and smell of the product. Keep your fragrances in the cool, dark environment of a fridge, though, and you’ll protect them from degradation.

Nail polish:
To prevent your polish from separating or turning gluggy, stick it in the fridge. High temperatures and sunlight can destabilise the formula, so keeping your varnish cool will ensure it goes on perfectly smooth.

In fact, we would also recommend keeping all of the following products in your beautiful makeup fridge.

  • Eye Creams and Serums
  • Moisturisers
  • Retinol and Vitamin C Serums
  • Organic Beauty Products
  • Fragrances
  • Facial Mists and Toners
  • Face Masks
  • Aloe and Sunblock
  • Nail Polish
  • Products you don’t use very often

How To Pick The Right Skincare Fridge
The two biggest things to consider when picking the best skincare fridge are
1) amount of products you need to store, and
2) where you will put your fridge.

These micro fridges come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect one to fit your beauty stash. If you have a big stash and are constantly adding to your collection, opt for a larger one. If you’ve just got a handful of products that you rotate often, the smaller sizes will work great!

Another cool thing about these skincare fridges is that they come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Some have fun retro designs, patterns, and even a clear window to see what’s inside. It’s easy to find one that will match your style and decor, and make you smile every-time you reach for your serums.

We all know how excited you are to order your fridge and get it home, but we have compiled a list of ten things you should consider before storing your skincare in the fridge.

Stick to water-based products:
If you are not sure what your skincare contains, then it is best not to store it in the fridge – unless directed by the product usage. Most water-based skincare can be stored in the refrigerator. These can include lotions, serums, toners and moisturisers. Oil-based liquid skincare formulas might turn cloudy, so avoid storing skincare products like most face serums, which have both water and oil components.

Storing such skincare in the fridge can cause the water and oil elements to separate. When that happens, there is a chance that the formula would not return its original state, and thus, your skincare product is ruined. Also, items like clay masks tend to harden when refrigerated.

Good for easily irritated skin:
If your skin tends to get red or itchy, apply refrigerated skincare products as the cool sensation can help calm inflamed skin.

Cooler doesn’t always mean better:
The stability and efficiency of skincare products are tested by cosmetic manufacturers according to climate conditions, this means that products bought locally will be able to perform at their best in room temperature – unless otherwise stated.

Effect on product freshness:
Storing skincare products at low temperature helps slow down bacteria growth and can prevent product degradation. If you are using preservative-free skincare, refrigerating them can prevent bacteria from multiplying. It is best to follow the expiry date printed on all cosmetic products, though ingredients like Vitamin C could be better protected against oxidation in the fridge.

Longer shelf life:
Water-based skincare products can be chilled in the fridge at around 4 degree Celsius to extend the product life span.

Fridge size matters:
As fridges come in all shapes and sizes, the temperature can range from 2 to 10 degree C in different parts of the non-freezer compartment, and this temperature unpredictability can affect the same skincare products differently. If you are keen to chill your skincare, look for a smaller refrigerator to reduce the probability of irregular temperature.

Keep away from food items:
For skincare products that are suitable to be chilled, the golden rule is to keep them in a separate mini fridge just for cosmetics.If you must store your skincare products in the fridge together with food items, keep skincare in airtight containers in different compartments to prevent cross contamination of bacteria, but we recommend checking out our gorgeous range of fridges.

Hard to apply:
Skincare lotions and creams stored at lower temperature tend to thicken, making it harder to spread the product over skin.

Reduced microcirculation:
Chilled skincare products can help tighten pores temporarily. However, the low temperature may also constrict capillaries and slow down microcirculation.

The golden rule:
Skincare products are best kept away from sunlight in cool, dry areas. If the product can be kept in room temperature, you do not need to keep it in the fridge unless otherwise stated.

It’s probably a wise move to store certain products in the fridge anyway, it’s important to refrigerate products formulated without preservatives; they can easily become rancid and contaminated when exposed to the summer heat.

So what shouldn’t you store in the fridge? Well you shouldn’t chill products whose consistency would become hardened and thickened when exposed to cooler temperatures because they may lose the ability to be pumped out of the container.

So there you have it refrigerating your skincare is all the rage now and it’s totally worth it! Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous range of fridges for your skincare products. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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